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To design the food and menus for a new Turkish fast casual restaurant concept, developing a more varied, accessible, mediterranean menu, with the food prepared on site and grilled over charcoal in full view of the customer in an open kitchen.

  • Fit with a fresh funky brand, slick service and modern restaurant design.
  • Restore the consumers trust in the kebab experience.
  • Change perceptions, back to the fresh & healthy cuisine that it should be.
  • Offer a family friendly, flexible, fast casual dining experience.
  • Develop the systems ready for aggressive plans for concept roll out.

Most other Turkish offers are very dated, family run, not user friendly, and assume some knowledge of Turkish food to understand the menus.
Service is generally not very slick, professional or friendly.
The consumer perception of kebabs is usually greasy, unhealthy and dubious ingredients.

To design a food offer with a modern interpretation of classic dishes, we went back to the classroom, spending time in Istanbul, researching the ingredients and methods used to produce high quality Turkish food. We used that knowledge to produce a fresh and vibrant menu of modern dishes based on classics, using fresh, free range & organic ingredients with the emphasis on quality & seasonality. We designed an open plan kitchen and meze bar, where customers can see the meze and order it straight from the chef. We grill over real lump wood charcoal for that authentic taste, with whole organic lamb legs smoking on a rotating spit before being sliced to create our version of the classic doner kebab.
We also produced back of house systems for ordering, stock control, training, health & hygiene control, operations manual, specifications & food photography. And we developed store opening systems & procedures ready for expansion & roll out opening.

The restaurant opened in February 2009 and the first written review appeared in March 2009.

"I have been to this restaurant and have to say that it is a fantastic establishment. All of the food we ate was simply fantastic. But I have to say that the Lamb Ribs are to die for. I work for a Premiership Football Club not too far away and have recommended this place to so many people, not only at work - but also locally and it is safe to say that they are all of the same opinion. Great Food - Great Service - Great Looking restaurant. Why isn't there more Olive & Earth's out there....Please open more... NOW!!!" - thelondonrestaurantreview.co.uk


To manage the design, approval & fit out for a new Rotisserie Chicken Concept in Excel Exhibition Centre.
The unit needs to be operationally very efficient, it operates for only about 1/3 of the year, but depending on the show can be incredibly busy in a very short time frame.

To include;
Operational layout & design.
Sourcing of kitchen equipment
Extraction fitting
Shop fit, signage & equipment tender
Fire suppression systems
IT systems
Landlord consent
Building control approval
Install certifications
Management of complete project budget, incl fees & legals

The fit out had to take place in a very short time frame, before an important high security show at the venue.
An Aug/Sept fit out & summer vacations caused the tender process to take longer than usual resulting in being left with 8 days to complete the entire fit out, from empty concrete shell to finished operational unit.. Due to the high security nature of the show the centre locked down for the last 3 days of our fit out, requiring us to have all materials on site before the lockdown, as deliveries would be very difficult to get in during this period.
The unit is also only 7.5m wide x 4m deep so every spare millimeter of space was important so a lot of planning went into every part of the fit out from equipment locations to making sure that all electrical & water connections were fitted with minimal protuberance. The depth of every piece of cladding, partions & wall finishes had to be planned to the millimeter.

There was no time to get anything wrong so It required being on site for most of the fit out to make quick decisions on construction details & services, and to liase closely with centre management & building control to make sure that everything we were doing met with approval whilst it we were doing it.

We started the fit out on Monday 5th Sept, the restaurant opened on Tuesday 13th September, 8 days later.

The entire budget, including fees, came in at £108k

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